Pre-Acquisition Property Tax Estimates

Invoke’s Pre-Acquisition Tax Estimates provide the detail necessary for underwriting and tax budget and pro forma analysis preparation. Tax Estimates provide an accurate 3-5-year real estate tax projection that includes property tax discussion, various approaches to value analysis and corresponding tax rates.

Data Collection Services icon

Data Collection Services

Property Details

Offering Memo

Trailing 12-Month Financials

Rent Roll

Planned Improvements

Internal Data Review icon

Internal Data Review

Review county documentation

Review internal properties worked in similar submarkets

Review multiple data sources to derive market rental rates, occupancy, expenses and cap rates

Property Tax Estimate Workup icon

Property Tax Estimate Workup

Build income model

Review data sources to determine valuation trends

Construct Equal & Uniform template (if applicable)

Review workup and compare valuation to similar properties in the same market area

External Client Review icon

External Client Review

Follow up phone call to discuss first pass of estimate

Gather any additional questions or insights from the client

Ensure client is satisfied with approach and methodology

 Finalization icon


Produce final estimate

Conduct follow up phone calls as necessary