Salim Nice

Salim Nice

Salim Nice

Partner/Chief Technology Officer


Salim Nice is the Chief Technology Officer at Invoke Tax Partners and leads innovation in technology from strategy, development, and implementation of platforms to cultivating dynamic partnerships and external relationships. He is responsible for developing numerous audit platforms saving clients more than $1B, ensuring efficient and secure database management, and driving the firm’s Certified Partner Statuses with Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Salim is dedicated to innovating highly effective, best-in-class solutions with strong economic value and delivering unmatched results for Invoke clients.


Salim has more than 20 years of advanced technology development and leadership experience in both private and government organizations. Previously, as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Healthcare Payment Specialists, Salim successfully concluded recapitalization negotiations with a large private equity fund selling controlling interest in February 2010. He remained a shareholder until 2018 when the company was purchased by TransUnion. He served on the Board of Directors for more than eight years, authoring and receiving provisional status for the company’s sole patent application.

Salim was actively involved in the day-to-day operations of all departments. He was principally responsible for building ground up processes and recruitment of internal/external resources to build teams performing Medicare Bad Debt, Transfer DRG and IME/GME, and DSH audit services.

Salim acted as interim Vice President of Information Services to build out the MIS division and successfully deployed a web-based SQL powered proprietary auditing tool that served as the central processing engine for the company. Salim bridged the operations and technology teams translating frontline manager needs to information systems leadership in order to scope, build, and deploy key business applications necessary for each line of business.


After graduating from Seattle University with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Salim’s career path took a diversion as he became a regulatory and statutory expert with Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare hospital reimbursement programs. During this time, he developed and honed his technology background by building and innovating business processes and eventually architecting web-based enterprise applications used by thousands of hospital providers across the United States.


Salim has served as Deputy Mayor in the City of Mercer Island since 2018. Elected by the city council, the deputy mayor serves as the presiding officer in the absence of the mayor and assumes ceremonial representative responsibilities when needed. In addition to mayoral duties, he is primarily responsible for working with councilmembers to find solutions to complex or unique issues. Before being named deputy mayor, Salim was elected as a Councilmember of the Mercer Island City Council in 2017. Salim served during the revamping Mercer Island’s Residential Design Standards, restoration of funding for Mercer Island’s Open Spaces, and approval of the final Settlement Agreement ($10M) with Sound Transit as mitigation for the East Link Project.

Salim has volunteered with the Islands’ Oil Spill Association (IOSA) since 2012. Operating throughout San Juan County in Washington state, IOSA is a non-profit, community oil spill response organization that provides prompt, effective, local oil spill response and prevention, which includes spill assessment, oil containment, exclusion & removal, and oiled wildlife search & rescue.

Salim has maintained a HAZWOPER certification since 2013.